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If you read my other blog at  http://familycook.wordpress.com/, you will understand my need to concentrate on the things that bring me joy….so here it goes: God, Family, Friends, Fun, Food and Humor.

Despite the recent loss of my father, I have a blessed life, filled with so many reasons to be happy:

  • My relationship with my heavenly father is one of my greatest gifts and I delight in the truth I have learned from the Bible.
  • My husband and I share a great relationship and love our expanding family.
  • We have two sons, both happily married to beautiful women who we are delighted to have as daughter-in-laws.
  • We now are proud, slap-happy, totally in love and enamored with our grandchildren.
  • Our lives are filled with so many wonderful life-long friends, who enrich our lives with their love and support.
  • And so many more reasons that you will be reading about.

I have reason to be happy and I am going to use this site as a touchstone to remind myself that even though the grief I feel is intense…so is the love and life I have.  I can and will overcome my sadness and….like my father…

I will have a life that is well-lived.