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Poppies have become my new favorite flower due to the prominence that they have had recently in my life. My father has been called “Poppy”, first by his children, then his grandchildren, followed by his great-grandchildren.

Sad, beyond definition of that word…my father passed away on May 17, 2010 following his 3-year battle with the C-Monster, Cancer. (Documented on our family website at http://familycook.wordpress.com/… where you can read about the beautiful way our family celebrated our father.)

Now, this beautiful flower will be forever associated with the love I feel for my dear Poppy.

In an effort to part the draperies of my grief and find some beauty and light, I have become a little obsessed with the poppy.

Here is the evidence:

  • Out with family and friends to enjoy a meal and the liquids meant for rejoicing (beer and wine) at the O.B.C., Ojai Beverage Company, http://ojaibevco.com/, I bought 3 bottles of wine to share with my Sister, Teresa, and my Sweet Mother, from Poppy Vineyards. (BTW…if you find yourself in Ojai, California…you must go to O.B.C.)

A few days later, I found this sweet little lady, hiding her tears in a bouquet of poppies.

I know every poppy item for sell on Etsy and Ebay. I put poppies on my desk in my office and wrapped them around my mirror in my car. They make me smile. I think I might have poppy fever…hmmmm.

In an effort to sound educated and present a well-worded ode to the poppy, I searched online and WOW….I had no idea. See for yourself, type in Poppies and you are in for an education. Of course…I know the connection:
Poppies = Opium … but not in my life. Poppies = Beauty …
and now Poppies = Sweet Memories of my Father.
So when I started reading http://www.poppies.org/ I got mesmerized and now am educated about Papaver Somni. Too Much Information. So if you are interested in reading about the continuing adventures of the world’s most controversial flower…click the link.

On another note….it is so very ironic that the poppy would be called the most controversial flower…because my father could also be called controversial, but that is a whole other topic and pages and pages of blogging. I wonder how much my dad knew about this Poppy Controversy and I wonder what he would think if he knew my plans to down a couple of bottles of Poppy wine next time I see my Mom and Sis. Next time I climb in my car or sit at my desk and see those poppies, I think I will probably giggle due to this new-found knowledge about the Poppy.

I am glad I went down this road today…because I am smiling and my Poppy, my Dad is the source of that smile. Not tears today….just a giggle and a smile. Yep, Poppies are very important!