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Today I met my oldest son at Andreas Seafood Restaurant in the Ventura Harbor Village for lunch.  http://www.venturaharborvillage.com/  It was a great day to sit outside in the sun on the patio and eat fish and chips. I love to see a busy restaurant and this one was packed with regulars and tourists. We have had a lot of June Gloom lately, so it was fantastic to feel the sun on my face. We watched as one of the local fishing boats unloaded their catch…looked like a good load. The sun was sparkling on the water as a few kayakers went by. The conversation was good, positive and upbuilding and a friend happened to stop by and join us. A very pleasant lunch!

Besides the good food, the ambiance on the patio, the surprise appearance of a friend, and the sun shining down on me; the fact that I was there with my son is what made the day.

I have always enjoyed spending time with both of my sons and I count it as a great blessing that now that they are grown, we get to live in the same town, worship in the same congregation and share a really good relationship.  I know….I’m their Mother, so I am biased…but truth be told, I have probably been their strongest critic as well as their strongest supporter. Just ask them about their teenage years…whew, we lived through that without killing each other.  So it is such a wonderful thing to know that I have good and legitimate reasons to be proud and …..an even bigger blessing is that they actually seem to enjoy my company.  Not only that, but I love their wives and am grateful for the way they love my sons….and loving Randy and me too …. that is saying a lot. Both of my daughter-in-laws are gorgeous and sweet and have really become the daughters I always wanted to have.

So thank you my oldest son for being you and for the lunch……Yep today, was shiny and bright!