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I like shiny and bright….I love shiny and bright.  I want my house spotless at all times. Is it? NO.

A clean house is absolutely essential to my peace of mind. I do not function well with clutter, dirt or grime, so I maintain my home and make sure that it stays basically clean….BUT…I HATE, the process. I’m not talking simple dislike….I abhor, hate, dread….yep, that much, the whole process of cleaning. That’s a bummer, because some form of it must be done every dang day.

So hire a cleaning lady you say? Nope, I can’t. If I were rich, believe me I would…but, woe is me…I am not. So I will do it…I won’t like it, but I will do it and keep doing it, because the alternatives of not doing it are not acceptable.

OR…if anyone knows someone who has a cleaning obsession and just cannot get enough….and does not want to be paid. Someone who wants to clean other peoples houses just for the pure pleasure of it…please give them my name. Tell them that I will pour wine freely while they are cleaning, and heck, if you make that happen, you can come and sit and drink wine with me while they are cleaning the house…..OH PLEASE…make it happen.

Okay, I know, this is supposed to be about being positive….so I will be. I must say that I am positively happy now that I am done cleaning the house.  I love the results. I love the way clean smells and I love what I get to do now that I am finished. TIME TO RELAX with something shiny and bright.