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Two home phone lines are no longer necessary in the Mason Home (I even question the need for having any home line, when we all have cell phones attached to our ears)….and check out this blog at http://amoswhite3.com/2010/01/10/att-looses-more-than-700000-home-phone-lines-monthly-where-did-they-go/ where it is reported that AT&T is hemorraging due to how many phone lines are being cancelled by loyal customers….like me.

In an effort to simplify and reduce my bills, I called good Ol AT&T and requested that one of my lines be cancelled. I had internet service on my secondary line, so I was going to keep that one and cancel my primary line; however, my AT&T rep suggested that we keep the primary line and get U-verse, which would be faster and actually cheaper than what I had. Great idea…but let’s wait until it is up and installed before cancelling the other line, that way I can make sure that we have internet access. I am happy to say, that my foresight has saved us some extra angst….because nothing is ever easy.

I got my new U-Verse equipment immediately. Score 1 for AT&T.

I was supposed to do a self-install after 8 P.M. on Wednesday. So early Thursday morning, I got up and began the simple process….NO GO!. -1 for AT&T. Did not work. After spending time on the phone with AT&T, an appointment was set for a technician to visit to see what the problem was.

The Tech arrived promptly the next day, smiling and nice. Score 2 for AT&T. After examining the modem and the lines, he ascertained that he needed to call in a lineman to figure out what the problem was, thinking perhaps something needed to be changed in the connection box down the street….not his department.  -2 for AT&T.  

So the lineman showed up the following day, smiling and nice. Score 3 for AT&T. After quite a bit of time and tweaking the outside connections, he got the modem working. Score 4 for AT&T. However, it was 11 megs at the box and only 1.5 in my house. -3 for AT&T.  He advise me to call AT&T, because he was not authorized to fix it, even though he knew how. He only works on outside lines. -4 for AT&T.

So I called in this morning and another tech appointment was set for today…impressive. Score 5 for AT&T. The initial rep came and after spending a lot of time and a lot of tweaking….yeah 12 megs. Score 6 for AT&T. All is well! 

Or is it?

Modem is working fine…AT&T takes the win. Now time to self-install the wireless router from Cisco. I follow the directions and installation was not successful. After several attempts, reading the trouble-shooting section on the Cisco site, still no go.

I call customer service, who determines that my three-year-old computer wi-fi adaptor is pre-historic and no longer up to snuff when it comes to the new-fangled routers that are sent out. So I have several options, all costing money. So we end up manually installing the router by reducing its speed and using WEP and then I will be sent an adaptor that will plug into my computer to give me all the speed I need…so says Ella from India.

So now I am wireless. Hubby’s computer is wireless….and we have SIMPLIFIED. Now I need to call and cancel my secondary line…and who knows what can of worms that action will open. 

Nothing is ever easy it seems. However, I am happy to report that I was CALM through the whole process and was nice to the Techs and Support personal and I truly appreciated their help. All is shiny and bright.