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Saturday, August 6th, we joined our son, Christopher, his wife, Liz and their children, Michael, Chris, and Conner at the fair. We thought that it would be extremely crowded being that it was the weekend…and it was crowded, but not too bad.

We met up with the kids in the food court, where they were just finishing up their lunch. The boys were super excited and of course could not wait to get to the rides…so we headed that way.

Baby Conner, who was a year old on May 10th, was intrigued by all the people, colors and music. He kept pointing which way he wanted to go. Randy (Pops) took him on the Carousel, while the two older boys went on their first of many rides. Conner thought the horse was ok and he was full of smiles…but once the loud music started and he kept going round and round in circles, he and Pops had enough and wanted off. Pops does not do well on rides that go round and round. Teacups at Disneyland are on a NEVER AGAIN list for him. It looks like Conner might have inherited that disease too, but he didn’t cry, he just closed his eyes.

We joined with the rest of the family and headed over to the Ferris Wheel. I stayed with the stroller and watched the family go up, up and up. The views from the top are amazing, you can see downtown Ventura, up the hills and then on the other side you see the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands…but the family reported that Conner buried his head and became comatose. My boys both did that when they were little whenever they got in our boat…They would hide their heads in my chest until we stopped…never crying, just comatose.

Insanity then struck Chris and I…we handed over tickets and climbed up into this contraption that was designed to terrify and torment. We had watched it for a while and knew what it would do, but somehow all reasoning ability flew out of our head and was replaced with some kind of stupid bravado. Was I trying to recapture my youth? I don’t know…but I tell you what, I probably aged at least 20 years due to that temporary insanity…today I saw some grey hairs that were not there before the fair.

You would think we learned our lesson….NO NOT US. Liz joined us in our insanity for another ride that was a demonstration of our lack of judgement. We were twisted, flung, flipped, hung upside down and then jerked back upright, before repeating the whole sick process all over again. Just when I thought it was over and salvation was near, it began going faster. I laughed so hard and screamed so much that my vocal cords are still sore two days later. All in the name of fun?

Well, the day was wonderful. They boys used up all the tickets and never stopped smiling. There was not one whine out of anyone, except me on that stupid ride..”I want my momma.”  Yep, I am embarrassed to admit that actually came out of my mouth. Pops won Conner a cute little giraffe by throwing darts. Liz joined the boys sliding down the great big slide and giggled all the way down. So we all went on rides…which I am now suffering from…my whole body feels like I was in an accident.  And…it was totally worth it.

We dined on the finest food the fair offered (Randy and I shared a Corn on the Cob, Pork Chop on a Stick, and Indian Fry Bread Tacos)  and drank some pretty good beer).  Chris and Liz chose some more tempting delicacies like funnel cakes, cotton candy, and Kettle Korn. We listened to the bands, watched the silly bungee jumpers and danced with our Grandchildren to the music blaring in the game alley.

We walked through the Vendor Buildings, looking at all the stuff that we were supposed to buy to make our lives complete. We exercised restraint and came away with “A Touch of Purple”, a cleaner that I had bought before and love for cleaning jewlery…and of course a chocolate covered apple..the best!!! I did tell Liz we need to go back without the men so we can buy the things we want; which Chris said was fine as long as I paid for it. Hmmm.

I loved watching my husband cart around Conner and point at all the cool stuff. I loved watching the boys run from ride to ride and come off of them all exhilarated and happy. Liz and Chris were glowing, having as much fun as the little ones. I am a happy Gamie!

Yep it was a wonderful day.

Now…I get to go again with my son Dustin and his wife Kate!  I am truly not a fair fanatic…I just promised my Mom that I would bring her a chocolate covered apple…

No, Really…I am telling the truth.