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Summer is my favorite season.

I love the sunshine, the warmth, the smell of suntan lotion, the sounds of the pounding waves on the beach and children laughing. I love walking thru downtown Ventura and weaving my way through all the tourists. I love sitting at Palermo’s Coffee Shop and watching excited children walk by with their cups of gelato eager to taste their yummy selection of shiny, sweet, heaven-sent goodness.

Illegal bonfires on the beach even make me feel good. I know it’s not allowed, but there is something about that smell that brings back great memories of our teen years and all the great times we had with friends after a long day at the beach, skin singed by the sun, sitting around the fire, singing, laughing, being young and relatively care-free.

Summer represents family and fun. It is the time for beach combing, reading novels on the beach and drinking umbrella-drinks, barbeque, road-trips, camping, rafting down the river, visiting family, watching kids run through sprinklers, picking berries, good cold beer, outdoor concerts, and savoring the sweet gifts of nature…and scores of other activities too numerous to list.

Yep.. Summer is the best.

SO…that being said. I WANT A REPEAT. Wind back time and give me back this summer!!! This one went way too fast. School has started again….the stores are already displaying Halloween and Christmas junk. STOP!!!!  I want Summer back.

Okay, I said I was not going to complain in this blog…I promised to be all Shiny and Bright…. but….I feel cheated!

This summer was jammed packed and busy. Grief over the loss of my father, the loss of my Aunt, and helping my Mother and Sister prepare and then move from Oregon to Ventura … all took my cherished summer and turned it into just plain days that passed by without the joyous delight that Summer Days hold.  I know, it is my fault for not stopping to breathe and notice…but dang it…I WANT A REPEAT NOW…I don’t want to wait for the next one.

Okay, that’s my gripe…and now back to SHINY AND BRIGHT..

Mom and Teresa are here now. We have a few more weeks of non-stop work as we prepare their new place for habitation and then…we will stop and savor. Savor how great it is to be so close together after all these years with Mom up in Oregon and Teresa on the other side of the States, in Florida. We are enjoying each others company and are constantly finding things to giggle over even though we are all exhausted from all the work of moving and getting settled.

Watch out October…we are ready for some fun and we got some plans to make sure that Shiny and Bright prevails despite our lost summer.