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2012? Really? WAIT. I am not ready. I haven’t accomplished what I was supposed to do in 2011…or 2010; or ….get real time….I have not accomplished what I was supposed to do the whole previous decade. At least I am consistent in my lack of consistency.

I recently began sorting through the stuff I have stuffed into the storage room. I came across a box of mementos, including past journals. As I paged through them, I got a wonderful trip down memory lane. Nice trip. However, I came away distressed that my goals are exactly the same as the ones I wrote about in the year 2001. My intelligent mind tells me that this is a PROBLEM.  What the heck?  I obviously must want to make those changes if I write about them every year….you know WEIGHT, ATTITUDE…and all the other stuff that will make my life more pleasant. So what holds me back from following through and making those changes?

So…this year I have a plan. BLAH BLAH BLAH.  As I write about this I feel a little sick to my stomach. What is going to make this year any different?  HMMMMMM? TELL ME PLEASE!

I actually started walking and eating Lo-carb and still am…well kinda sorta. You would think that my kitchen would be filled with healthy items…like Kale. What the Kale?  NOOO. Out of my kitchen I have been producing the following:

Salted caramel, brownies, little miniature bundt cakes, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, rice krispy treats, home-made lollipops, cinnamon rolls, coffee-cake, cake-in-a-cup; berry cobbler…and the latest…butterscotch pie. (First time making butterscotch pie. I used Vanilla Wafers for the crust. It turned out fantastic and had me dreaming of all kinds of pies I can make. NOOOO!)

I am happy to report that these beautiful and wonderful treats were not made for myself. NO REALLY! Although, I do openly confess to having a serious weakness when it comes to salted caramel…it rates up there with some of life’s necessities…i.e. breathing, water, shelter, food, and sex. Yes, I said that.

Colleen & Gary Giordano

A dear friend is fighting for her life. The C-monster has not yet finished its harassing of my heart it appears. Colleen is trying to stay alive and she needed money to pay for cancer treatment that her insurance company would not pay for. Her friends got together and had a fund-raising garage sale to raise the cash. So I decided that I would do bake sale items….lots of them. My sister Teresa came over and we became baking fools. We even got the Cricut machine and glue gun out so that the packaging would be cute. I thought that this would be a good way to get baking out of my system. Truthfully, I thought it had worked. The sweet smell in the house took over and I did not even want to eat any of the goodies we produced. I was quite impressed with my self-control.

BTW…it was Lydia McIlhenney, a beautiful young lady from Camarillo, who decided that this event needed a Bake Sale and she also was a baking fool. She made great banana nut breads and cute bundts filled with raspberry and chocolate. Our bake sale looked great and we actually raised a lot of money. I just did it on Saturday, Lydia continued on Sunday and even baked more goodies Saturday night.  With the bake sale receipts and the garage sale money, Colleen is now getting the treatment she needed. YEAH!!!!  What a great bunch of friends we have. (I did not take photos…bad blogger.)

Ok…that excuses some of the baked goods, but not all. The other items were made for friends, hostess gifts and my share in family dinners. The things I should stay away from are the things I want to make the most. KALE soup…nope…I think ooey-gooey caramel, beautiful pies and …. oh oh oh…I could go on. PAULA DEEN get out of my head…Go Away.

2012. You are here. So am I. What will be, what will be? Stay tuned….goals are intact..oven is now cold…moving on. I am moving on.