Favorite People

Before he passed away, my father, Ray Cook, wrote out a list of people who he admired, people that had played an integral part in his life and made his life shiny and bright. His plan was to write to each one of them and let them know how important they were to him….

He never got the chance.

I’m making it a point to let those people know how my father felt about them.

 I learned a good lesson:

Let people know you love them and why.  So here is an ever-evolving list of the people who have been an integral part of my life, making it shiny and bright and some reasons why….

(Wow….this is not as easy as I thought it would be, there are so many emotions tied up with the names that are soaring through my mind….I want my words to capture and convey the love I feel for these people and I don’t know if that is possible. It would be so much easier if I could hold their hand up against my chest and have my heart beat sing out the depth of my admiration and love…instead my words will have to suffice.)

If you are here reading this and you do not see your name….please be patient, I am writing this in no particular order and so many people have influenced me and inspired me and helped me….so check back often, because if you are my friend you probably share alot of the same emotions for the people I am writing about….feel free to say so in the Comments or on the Guest Book Page.

My Soul Mate — My Husband

RandyMy Man.. The father of my children, the best gift I have ever been given. The one who knows me best and sometimes not at all. I know I confound him and drive him crazy, yet he continues to be the fairest and most loyal person I know. He is my True Knight in Shining Armor and saves me from myself. I truly adore this man!

My Family …. of course.

The lights of my life, my two sons, Dustin & Christopher

My Daughter-in-Laws…My Girls

The daughters they gave me,  Kate & Liz. I love watching them love my sons…and I love seeing my sons treating their wives with love and tenderness…and seeing that they truly cherish these beautiful women.

My Grandsons, Michael, Christopher and Conner,..who bring more joy than I thought was humanly possible. I now see life with better clarity, when I see it through their eyes. Wow…being a Grandparent is such a gift.

My Parents

Ray and Carol Cook

Visit Our Family Blog….there are so many reasons to love these two.

My Siblings

Some closer than others, but all important…all loved. So many stories and shared experiences, yet seen from different perspectives and remembered differently … It has been said that childhood is the best time of your life, and then again, you spend the rest of your life recovering from it. They way I see it is that it is just what it is. There were hurts that left scars, some real, some imagined…but the joys and good memories surely outweigh and deserve more of our attention than the not so nice ones.  However, we cannot dictate how our siblings react and respond … negatively or with positivity.  Being positive and nice draws us closer as a family and being negative….well it just sucks. Each of us are responsible for our own lives and our own outlooks…we make our own choices and we suffer or enjoy the consequences of our own actions. As adults….no longer immature children, it is nice to be able to share the good memories, the good times, and the shared legacy our parents worked so hard to give us. It is a wonderful feeling to look at ones siblings and see the similarities in looks, voices, and characteristics and even better to look and see the values that were instilled by our parents. The values that were held so dear by our Dad, and still carried on in our Mother’s heart with her hopes and dreams for each and every one of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Our Spiritual Parents:

Pete and Donna Dover

Thank you for introducing us to Jehovah and this wonderful worldwide family we have. You gave us the most wonderful gift and I will forever be indebted.

My Girlfriends, True Blue and Life-Long Blessings

Even though some are separated by distance…and time….these ladies forever reside in my heart, each one special beyond words…they have been my confidants, my shelter, my strength, my inspiration, my heroes, my joy, my co-conspirators, my giggle-mates, my counselors and life-coaches, and my constant reminders that life is indeed good. These ladies adorn my life and make it more beautiful by their presence in it and I am forever grateful and blessed. I truly have the best friends.

Leisa Franklin

A kindred spirit, who has and will always be beyond special to me for so many reasons.

Tammy Miller

God gave this woman the kindest heart and I am so fortunate to have her as a friend

 Donna Quevedo

My Pioneer and Life Buddy. Makes me laugh harder than anyone I know. I wish we lived closer.

Rose Taylor

Sweet Rose, so wise and patient, constantly teaching me. She is so easy to love.

 Cheryl Harding

Annette Bennett

Linda Satterlee

Christine Stout

Cindy Baker

Debbie Woodward

Mary Wildey …. and Kelly too.

And of course there are the Honorary Cook Girls. These ladies are my sisters, adopted by my parents and have played a large part in making life fun-filled, giggle-filled…and mischif-filled. Some of these ladies were closer to my sisters, Teri & Tonja…but boy did I learn from them without them even being aware of it. These ladies were Cook house regulars. As a youth, I sat in awe of their beauty, was mesmerized by their conversations at our dinner table and thought they ruled the world. I adore these ladies and even though I have lost contact with some of them, they remain adored, respected, revered and loved.

Allison Sanchez

(She must have been stolen at birth from my parents….she is truly our sister.)

Stephanie Marmolejo

(Who has the best hair in the world. )

Paula Panawash (Never seen without a smile on her face)

Darla Holle

 (Ahh Darla, how I wish I could turn time back…the friend I let get away…one huge regret of mine. This one should have been my BFF and I blew it.)

….to be continued.

This Site is Not Completed. It Will Be Under Construction for the Rest Of My Life:


2 thoughts on “Favorite People”

  1. Allison said:

    Awwww Tamie….. you make me cry, but they are good tears. You guys always made me feel like family. (My Mom, however, would beg to differ re: the infant pilfering :<) I do hope to get together with you sometime in the not too distant future! Look forward to making new memories with my old friends! Love you always!

    • Ahh, you are so sweet…and I type the truth. Tell your Mom that I am sorry that I accused of her “infant pilfering”…but then again circumstantial evidence is sometimes weighty enough on its own merit….and I say that you must be a COOK. I love you too.

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