Favorite Restaurants

A few of my favorite restaurants.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I daydream about having a restaurant.

The love of good food comes from my father. The love of restaurants comes from my late brother-in-law, Larry Buster. He taught me the concept of Gracious Hospitality.  I miss Larry and his restaurants. (Larry is known for the Big Yellow House in Summerland, The Old Norwalk Peanut Company, The Montclair Peanut Company, Paradise Island Inn in Catalina, Luau Larry’s in Catalina, The Portofino in Catalina, … and more.) He was the ultimate host and his love of people and good food was intense. He was a the best brother-in-law and treated my Sis like a Queen. I do miss his quick wit and his sly smile.

Thankfully, my darling husband, Randy, also loves eating at restaurants…even if he doesn’t think it is a good idea for us to own one. Oh well, dream on Tamie….and I do…I enjoy my daydreams and the concepts I come up with for new restaurants  …. even if they will never come to fruition.

I love food….I love reading about it, writing about it, looking at pictures of it, cooking it and of course eating it, which my thighs can attest to. I really think that God should make the inhospitable people, the people who only eat in order to stay alive…the ones who never have dinner parties and never watch the cooking channel…THEY SHOULD GAIN THE WEIGHT. The nice people, who dream up fantastic creations of taste, should be rewarded with svelte bodies…don’t you agree.

So eat with me, or without me, at these great restaurants.

In La Habra, California,

THE CAT & THE CUSTARD CUP  http://www.catandcustardcup.com/

This place is wonderful. We’ve spent many a memorable evening dining with close friends on special occasions. I especially love their baseball cut of steak, their halibut, fried spinach and their deserts are sooo good!

In Ventura, California

AUSTINS RESTAURANT AT THE PIERPOINT INN  http://pierpontinn.com/restaurants-ventura-ca/index.cfm

Another special place for our family. Randy’s father took him on many occasions when he was a child. We would travel great distances to bring our friends for an outstanding dinner…and now that we are so close by, it is a favorite for special occasions.

They used to serve a wonderful lamb dish with Eisenhower sauce and chutney. Oh my…just typing that makes me crave it. If you know our friends, Anthony and Debbie Woodward….ask Debbie if Anthony likes the lamb.

In Ojai, California:

OJAI BEVERAGE COMPANY or O.B.C.     http://ojaibevco.com/

Located just past beautiful downtown Ojai on the corner of Ojai Ave. and Fulton St.
My son, Dustin, and his pretty lady, Kate, introduced Randy and I to this great place. They feature 20 rotating beers on tap, a bottle list and gourmet pub fare. Basically….a very fun place to spend a nice Sunday afternoon with family and friends. They have great antipasto plates to share…and then fantastic sandwiches and salads.  I had a tri-tip salad on my last visit…excellent!  Love, love, love this place….of course it’s the company that makes it so great. This place is gonna be a favorite go to on my list.

Okay…can’t live in Ventura, so close to Ojai, without singing the praises of the unique dining experience that can be had at The Ranch House. A truly beautiful setting that is so magical and a perfect place to celebrate an anniversary….which we have been treated to by family and friends for the past two years in a row.  Yep, I think we got a tradition formulating.

Their web page at http://www.theranchhouse.com/ states:  The ultimate in romance… hidden away in the beautiful Ojai Valley, located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, a gourmet restaurant famed for original award-winning cuisine. Dine in an exquisite garden setting next to  meandering streams and lush foliage. Wine Spectator Grand Award Winning wine list with approx. 650 selections to tempt you. Herb garden and bakery on premise… perfection in Ojai

The Scallops are to die for. YUM!



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