What The Who

I am Tamie and I welcome you!

Welcome to my musings about the things and people who make my life joyful. I am determined to be more appreciative for all the many blessings I have been granted. Despite recent heart-breaking losses and the gaping holes and crackage in my heart,  I really want to experience as much joy as possible and so I am going to express my gratitude on these pages.

A little about me:

  • I live in the hills right above downtown Ventura, California
  • I have way too many “F” words in my life….Female, Flawed, Fluffy (because Fat is just a Filthy word), Fifty-ish, Flippant, Flighty…you get the idea…but I am also Friendly, Faithful, Fun, Festive, a Fantastic cook, and a semi-Fanatic about loving my Family & Friends
  • I love reading, writing, beach combing for sea glass, entertaining, being entertained and so much more
  • I am extremely flawed, but I pray that God has a sense of humor and sees something in me that He can work with– pray for me please. I need all the help I can get


The reader should read at their own risk…. the risk of boredom, the risk of total disinterest in what I am saying….the risk that they may be wasting a huge amount of time on trivial matters that go nowhere.

Please note that the thoughts and ideas expressed in this blog are coming from an imperfect person, flawed in sooo many ways.  I write for myself – My sanity – My own pleasure – Because I have to.  Sure, I would love to think that I am a masterful writer and that my creative words will have huge, life-changing impact on all of my readers…even though there may only be two of you out there…. But I am realistic and that is not why I am writing. My writing is simply said… selfish. I have way too many thoughts swirling in my head and I need to get them out of there, a clearing of the cobwebs you might say. A lot of my thoughts should probably dissipate into the air due to their lack of importance…. yet there are some thoughts and memories that I truly hold dear and I want to keep them. This is my place. My sounding board.

You are invited to read, remark, comment, congratulate or criticize (not too harshly please)…but please remember….this is merely blogging, mere word-letting from my over-flowing mental verbage fountain….and that is all it is.

Read on if you dare…. You have been warned!


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